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Announcing K.R.S.S. version 2.6 - (April 1, 2002)

Sorry about the lack of updates - I have been hard at work on another project: OpenDVDProfiler. But more on that at a later time...

Actually, I've still been very busy on K.R.S.S.. You'll notice quite a jump here from the last posted version, which was 2.2.

For this release, I have released both a source package and a Redhat Package Manager (RPM) package. This is my first time building an RPM package so it may not be perfect. I have tested it out on my machine and it appears to work fine. Please drop me an email if you could provide different RPM's for different platforms.

For those of you who like to RTFM, I've started working on a user manual.

As well, I have a bunch of ideas kicking around for the next release, but first I would like to port the code to a Windows version (W.R.S.S.) which is on par with the Linux version (which is probably the only reason I have been trying to get Visual Studio working properly).

For this release, though, there's been quite a few enhancements and minor bug fixes incorporated - creating the most stable and functional program to date (yeah, I know - I'm always saying that ;>) ).

I would just like to that everyone who has downloaded and given me feedback on K.R.S.S. - you have really helped the development process greatly.

Please continue do so and I would be interested to hear how and what you are using K.R.S.S. for. I would especially like to thank Bill Kearney for providing me with a great deal of feedback.

By the way, my month was made when K.R.S.S. received a mention in the March 2002 issue of Linux Journal (page 68). A special big thank you goes out to Marco Fioretti.

  • Feeds now have an expiration date; you can now set feeds so that they will "expire" (that is, become old) after a certain amount of time - in days, hours and minutes.
  • You can update one feed at a time by using the MyChannlBar's popup menu over an item.
  • You can now can detect "Empty" feeds.
  • Fixed the location (URLs) of AmphetaDesk files for importing.
  • K.R.S.S. is still operational while you update your feeds, due to the fact that the Updating Feeds dialog is no longer modal.
  • K.R.S.S. will no longer dock into the Kicker panel when you switch virtual desktops, as a result of fixing a minimizing bug.
  • K.R.S.S. will now build properly on machines where Qt does not have KDE support, as a result of fixing a KListView Include bug.
  • K.R.S.S. will now remember recently used AmphetaDesk URLs.
  • Fixed progress indication when importing feeds from AmphetaDesk.
  • Fixed columns when editing Feeds; K.R.S.S. remembers last size of each column so they do not get really large.
  • Fixed sorting when editing Feeds; feeds now sort properly as opposed to ANSII sorting.
  • K.R.S.S. will now no longer auto scroll while you are scrolling, as a result of fixing a scrolling bug. This prevents K.R.S.S. from looping when you scroll to the end.

I believe that is everything. Until next time, take care.

Announcing K.R.S.S. version 2.2 - (November 26, 2001)

I have finished version 2.2! I have included 3 items on David Boosalis' wishlist. I also increased the speed and made lots of improvements. I wanted to release today - something like, 'It's my birthday and I'll release if I want to...'

  • Speed increase: K.R.S.S. doesn't load the site listing from the file each time it is needed - is now stored in memory.
  • Downloading feeds is quicker. K.R.S.S. now properly implements caching, and will only download feeds it has changed.
  • Always On Top: K.R.S.S. can now be set to stay on top of all other windows.

These three below were on the David Boosalis' wishlist (many thanks, David - it's great to get feedback):

  • Clear Button: The clear button will temporarily wipe out the viewer. It is a toggle between having 'active' feeds and no 'active' feeds without having to actually specify that the feeds are active or not.
  • Date and Time Tag: The MyChannelBar now will display date and time information about feeds in the form of a tooltip. Simply move the cursor over a feed and K.R.S.S. will tell you when the feed was last downloaded and last displayed.
  • Colour Code: MyChannelBar can now visually display which feeds have new items and which do not. Feeds which are new can be configured to have a different colour than those that are old (or do not have anything that is new).

And as always, minor bug fixes and enhancements have been made.

Announcing K.R.S.S. version 2.0 - (October 24, 2001)

Version 2.0 is now available, with a fair amount of new features, making it quite a jump from version 1.1c:

  • MyChannelBar: MyChannelBar now has scheming capabilities. You can change the background and Channel Title colour. Also, you can now change the spacing between Channels.
  • Drag'n'Drop: MyChannelBar now has URL drag'n'drop capabilities. When you are searching for RSS Feeds, instead of having to type all the information into K.R.S.S., simply drag the URL's link onto the MyChannelBar and K.R.S.S. will do the rest. Channel Title and Description are automatically filled in.
  • Tips: K.R.S.S. now has tips at startup.
  • System Tray:K.R.S.S. can now be configured to use the System Tray when you minimize the main window.
  • Search Button: The caption on the search button used when displaying the feeds can now be changed.
  • Pause/Resume: You can now pause or resume scrolling of the feeds temporarily.
  • Configure Shortcut Keys: Version 2.0 now allows you to change shortcut keys (key bindings) to whatever menu item you want.
  • Configure the Toolbar: You can customize the toolbar for quick access to those items you use most.
  • Import AmphetaDesk Site Listings: AmphetaDesk, a similar application that runs under Windows and MacOS, has a site listing that contains thousands of RSS feed locations. K.R.S.S. can now import these listings so that the RSS feeds can be used within K.R.S.S.. Included with version 2.0 is the AmphetaDesk's complete site listing, which is current as of October 17, 2001, or you can download the lastest site listings from their website.
  • Improved Schemes: Thanks to Eduardo Dominguez for pointing out that the fonts were not being displayed in the correct sizes. Version 2.0 includes a completely redesigned scheme interface. This new interface will allow for greater scheming capabilities in the future while still maintaining backwards compatiblity.
  • There is a Scheme Preview on the Scheme Configuration Page so you can instantly see what your scheme will look like.
  • MyFilters: Only selecting those Channels that you want is sometimes not enough. Version 2.0 now has MyFilters which allows you to filter out any unwanted news through the use of regular expressions. Truely, now only see the news you want. A feature not found in any other news aggregator.

Overall, minor bug fixes and small enhancements have also been made - creating the most stable and functional program to date.

Announcing K.R.S.S. version 1.1c - (October 1, 2001)

Version 1.1c is out. I have finished MyChannelBar which will allow you to "jump" between Channels. Simply click on a Channel's title on the left and and K.R.S.S. will scroll to the the top of the feed.

I know this is kind of an odd release number - I don't know what I was thinking.

Announcing K.R.S.S. version 1.1 - (September 28, 2001)

K.R.S.S.'s first issue release has been uploaded. You can get this new version on the downloads page.

Announcing K.R.S.S. version 1.0. - (September 25, 2001)

I have released the first version of K.R.S.S. to the public. You can get it now under the downloads section. I have also uploaded a CVS tree so you can check that out if you wish.

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